Spring/Summer 2017 News from the Orchard

From The President:

When we started the renovations of the two facilities, we knew we would be asking
the community for a lot of support in a variety of ways. One part of that was on our
move in day. The buildings were finally ready and we had lots of furniture and items
to get in place. I knew it would be a lot of work, so I asked two groups for help. Word
spread and I knew more people would be coming.
went to the parking lot a few minutes before I thought people would begin to arrive.
The cars started rolling in and kept coming and coming. Isaiah asked, “How many
people are coming?” I told him, “I thought 20 or 30”, we lost count at 60. One thing I
should add is that close to the day I actually turned groups away and could have had 50
more people there, but I figured that we would have enough help.
When I stood to address the group I was a little overwhelmed by seeing the entire
parking lot full. We had planned to work the entire morning, but we were done in just
a little more than an hour. Please know that we were very humbled and so grateful the
amount support we received during the project.

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Winter 2017 News from the Orchard / Annual Report 

From The President:

As I considered this newsletter I started thinking about 2016 and all that happened during the year. We have received so much support in recent months for the buildings we are renovating and Christmas. I laughed a bit when I realized I was worrying about how we could fit all  of it in a newsletter, what a great problem to have.

There is so much going on I hope we capture it all. I want you to know that it’s appreciated we have been blessed in 2016 and have much to look forward to in 2017.

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Winter 2016 News from the Orchard / Annual Report 

From The President:

This annual report will focus on the activities of 2015. The year went fast, and we were so blessed. You will see how Sipe’s works to improve the lives of children and youth.

In 2016, we want to focus on Excellence and Stewardship. It’s not enough to just have programs for children–we want excellent programs which will give children and youth a solid foundation for success. Our Tyndall Pre-K will add some literacy initiatives to its curriculum. Our Houston Transitional Living Program will expand its services as well as its capacity.

In 2016, we will more fully utilize the land and buildings on our campus, becoming better stewards of our facilities. We have made many improvements this year and will continue to use and care for our resources and create an environment that shows our youth they are valued.

I’m grateful for 2015 and looking forward to 2016.

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Fall 2016 News from the Orchard / Annual Report 

From The President:

Often I write about what is currently happening at Sipe’s and believe there is a lot to be excited about. From time to time it’s good to look back and examine the journey. I was recently reminded what things were like for non-profits after the recession in 2008.

Many non-profits, individuals, and families were struggling. Programs, sometimes entire organizations, were closing. Sipe’s had to close a few programs and resources were scarce. I read the board minutes, talked to the members and staff that were here at the time. Everyone agreed that this was a hard time for us and the future was uncertain.

Due to the commitment of staff, board members and a community that would continue to support Sipe’s, we weathered the storm. Today, we are in the process of renovating two facilities in order to expand our teen program. The work is about 25% complete. We hope to finish early next year. Also I want you to know that Sipe’s will remain debt-free as we complete the renovations and begin new programs. We believe that this is important and want supporters to know that their gifts are being used to serve youth.

It’s been a long time since we could say that all of our facilities on campus are being fully utilized and we are close to this accomplishment.

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Cannon Foundation Supports Expansion

The Cannon Foundation recently gave Sipe’s a $30,000 grant to assist with the expansion of our Transitional Living Program. This money will go toward the renovations required to prepare two campus buildings for residency by homeless and disadvantaged youth.  This expansion will double the capacity of the Transitional Living Program and enable programming suited to a wide range of needs and abilities.

Preliminary work for this project is already underway. With this boost to our funding, we expect visible signs of progress in the buildings in the next few months.

The Cannon Foundation has awarded Sipe’s numerous grants through the years which have enhanced both our programs and physical resources. We are grateful for their support of our youth and for their belief in our agency.

Fall 2015 Newsletter

From The President:

For a couple of years we have focused on restoration at Sipe’s–restoration of children’s lives as well as our buildings and grounds. Today, we are seeing results!

• Houston Cottage’s Transitional Living Program is expanding, with definite plans underway for the renovation and occupation of two currently empty buildings.

All of our Houston residents are employed.

• One of our Houston graduates began her senior year of college.

• Forty-five four year olds left us in June, ready for kindergarten.

• A solar farm is being built on 25 acres, adding to the crops, cows, sheep, clubs, and cell tower which also use our excess acreage and generate revenue which serves our mission.

These are exciting times at Sipe’s! You will see in this newsletter our expansion plans for the Transitional Living Program, as well as samples of all the folks who support our work. From cash donations, fund raisers, and physical labor, our community propels us forward with its gifts of time, talent, and treasure.

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Winter 2015 News from the Orchard / Annual Report 

From The President:

Think about the people who have influenced you over the years: parents, teachers, friends, relatives, spouses, coaches, pastors, supervisors, co-workers,neighbors, and other role models. Different people at different times in our lives nudge us and shape us into who we are and who we will become.

Last year, Sipe’s did its share of nudging and shaping, helping children become a little more competent and confident. Most children come to Sipe’s during a crucial transitional phase in their lives, making our time with them especially influential. The changes they make might be dramatic or subtle, but most make positive strides forward by the time they leave us.

We focused on restoration in 2014. This annual report offers a glimpse at what we did last year to restore our buildings, grounds, and programs, as well as children’s hopes, dreams, and lives. Of course, our great staff, committed board, and supportive community all together make it possible for us to continue helping children grow and flourish.

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