Spring/Summer 2017 News from the Orchard

From The President:

When we started the renovations of the two facilities, we knew we would be asking
the community for a lot of support in a variety of ways. One part of that was on our
move in day. The buildings were finally ready and we had lots of furniture and items
to get in place. I knew it would be a lot of work, so I asked two groups for help. Word
spread and I knew more people would be coming.
went to the parking lot a few minutes before I thought people would begin to arrive.
The cars started rolling in and kept coming and coming. Isaiah asked, “How many
people are coming?” I told him, “I thought 20 or 30”, we lost count at 60. One thing I
should add is that close to the day I actually turned groups away and could have had 50
more people there, but I figured that we would have enough help.
When I stood to address the group I was a little overwhelmed by seeing the entire
parking lot full. We had planned to work the entire morning, but we were done in just
a little more than an hour. Please know that we were very humbled and so grateful the
amount support we received during the project.

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