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Transitional Living

The Houston Transitional Living Center offers a supportive, residential, co-ed program for homeless, disadvantaged youth, providing them tools and opportunities to learn and practice successful independence. This program is designed for seventeen to twenty-one year-olds who do not have the financial, academic, emotional, or behavioral skills necessary for independent living.

This experiential learning environment offers numerous opportunities and resources, including independent living and vocational training, educational advancement, meals, transportation, recreation, computer & internet access, support groups, and workshops.

Amenities in the Houston Center include a full kitchen, dining room, expansive living room, meeting areas, laundry room, porches, and decks. Single and double occupancy rooms are arranged in suites. The building is licensed by the NC Department of Social Services for twelve residents.

  • All residents will engage in at least 30 hours of productive activities each week.
  • All residents will be employed or enrolled full-time in school.
  • All residents will treat others with respect and courtesy.
  • All residents will contribute to a personal savings account.
  • All residents will develop and work on a personal transition plan.
  • All residents will help develop a personal support team.
  • All residents will comply with program expectations.
  • No violence in the house.
  • No drugs in the house.
  • No illegal activities in the house.
  • No weapons in the house.
  • No sex in the house.
  • No fires in the house.


The activities, rules, resources, and guidelines of the Transitional Living Program are all designed to achieve seven ultimate objectives for successful independent living:

1.  Sufficient income to meet one's daily needs.
2.  A safe and stable place to live.
3.  Academic or vocational credentials in keeping with one's goals, interests, and abilities.
4.  Connections to a positive personal support system.
5.  Avoidance of illegal and high risk behaviors.
6.  Postponement of parenthood until financially secure and emotionally mature.
7.  Access to routine physical and mental health services.

Through collaboration with the Cognitive Connection and other local resources, the Houston Center serves as a hub for individualized services. The Cognitive Connection's SMART program provides intensive case management, education, cognitive skills training, life skills training, advocacy, career and personal counseling, and job referral and placement.


Residents must be:
  1. 17 - 21 years old.
  2. Single, without dependents.
  3. Without safe & stable housing.
  4. Willing to cooperate with program requirements.
  5. Willing to complete thirty hours of productive activity each week.
At this point, Sipe's cannot serve the following:
  1. Applicants with a history of violent crime or sexual offences.
  2. Applicants who need drop-in or emergency shelter.
  3. Residents who persist in criminal activities or the abuse of alcohol, drugs, or sex.
  4. Young adults who are parenting a minor child.
  5. Those whose needs exceed the program's capacity.


  1. Applications must be filled out by the young person applying for services.
  2. Applications should be filled out as completely as possible.
  3. All information is confidential.

Click here for an on-line application

Completed on-line applications should be e-mailed to:
Click here for a printable application.

Completed paper applications should be sent to:

Houston Center Program Supervisor
Sipe's Orchard Home
4431 County Home Road
Conover, NC 28613

Applicants may be asked to come in for an interview or other screening, after which the Admission Committee will review all material and make an admission decision. This process should take about a week, after which we will notify the applicant of the committee's decision.

If you have questions, please contact Sipe's at (828) 256-5056, extension 3324 or

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