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Teacher/Counselor Job Description


The Teacher Counselor provides oversight for an assigned group of residents. The person in this position develops nurturing, supportive relationships with clients within a consistent and structured environment of routines, expectations, and logical consequences.

Position Requirements

  1. High school diploma.
  2. Preference is given to candidates with successful residential direct care experience.
  3. Valid North Carolina license to operate a motor vehicle.
  4. Dependable character and personal qualities as verified through interview, reference check, and criminal records search.
  5. May require strenuous activity at times.

The Teacher-Counselor receives direct supervision from the program supervisor.


This position may be full time or part time. A specific schedule or shift (times and days of the week) will be determined by the program supervisor.

Job Responsibilities

  1. Develop relationships with clients and be available to help them process their issues.
  2. Utilize life events as opportunities to assist clients with learning relevant life skills.
  3. Assist clients with appointments, meetings, or other community contact they have.
  4. Supervise daily schedules, meal times, group meetings, etc.
  5. Assist clients in completion of assigned tasks.
  6. Ensure proper medications are taken at assigned sequences and times as prescribed.
  7. Complete all required documentation for client files.
  8. Assist clients in meeting basic needs (food, clothing, hygiene, employment, etc.).
  9. Supervise educational needs, include providing tutoring as needed.
  10. Become familiar with the clinical, social, education, and behavioral background of all assigned clients.
  11. Make and record assigned aftercare contacts.
  12. Plan and implement structured activities which provide a variety of social, educational, and physical opportunities.
  13. Lead both planned and unplanned group sessions for problem solving, scheduling, and other group living needs.
  14. Maintain open and consistent lines of communication with the client's family, guardians, caseworker, mentors, and others involved with the client's progress.
  15. Offer perspectives and opinions as to the client's current course of care.
  16. Complete discharge summaries as requested.
  17. Cooperate with other members of the team and participate in planning meeting as required.
  18. Communicate clearly with members of the team concerning the needs of the clients.
  19. Follow-through with any decisions made by the team concerning the client's care.
Professional Development

The Teacher Counselor is expected to professionally grow and develop clinical skills. Various mandatory trainings will occur throughout employment at Sipe's Orchard Home. When the trainings are scheduled beyond the Teacher Counselor's usual schedule, the employee will be reimbursed for time spent attending the training.

The above list is not all-inclusive. Other responsibilities may become necessary in the course of working routines and therefore be required.

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